Jack LaSalle

Jack is President of Spinnaker One Consulting, LLP, a consulting firm that specializes in bank investment sales and wealth management strategy.   He has been a senior manager for both regional and national firms including Cal Fed Bank, Citibank and Smith Barney. 

Joe Saari

Joe is founder and Chairman of Financial Fitness Group, one of the nation’s leading providers of accurate, reliable, unbiased, engaging and easy-to-use FINRA-compliant training materials.  Financial Fitness Group has worked with hundreds of companies to provide financial education to over 4,000,000 people worldwide.              

Our Leadership Team

Jim Rensel

Jim is President of Sales Quality Research Group, Inc., a leading provider of research and consulting services for banks and credit unions. Rensel's firm provides financial institutions with comprehensive point-of-sale research using state of the art research tools including mystery shopping studies, customer surveys and focus groups.


Educated Banker

is the trade name for an interactive online learning system developed and administered by Jim Rensel and Jack LaSalle, in conjunction with Joe Saari and his company, Precision Information. The Educated Banker operates as an affiliate of Sales Quality Research Group, Inc.